2012/05/20 - Changing of the Guard @ Buckingham Palace & Neal Street, London

Last post about London
[Only GETS and Subway Love left ]

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in the morning:

  Lots of Police and Tourists~

No ones in the chair, Come on! Come on!
Sweeney's. waiting. I want you bleeders.
You sir! Anybody!
Gentlemen now don't be shy!

(Song Lyrics)

 Random stylish shot haha

Beautiful Gate

Changing of the Guard:

 Lead and followed by horses~

After walking through Green Park we headed to the city again~

  I can't remember the name of that museum...but it was a kind of Fun/Horror/Action House!

Huge M&M Store:

And of course I had to eat Fish & Chips!


Impressing wall that was hiding construction work at the station:

 After that we split up & I went to explore Neal Street
Originally I was looking for the Super Lovers Store...but I couldn't find it at all (T^T)

Instead I found lots of other cool places

  Shu Uemura Store!

 Dr Martens ♥♥♥♥

 Domokun everywhere

Neal's Yard:
 Super colorful buildings right over there!!
 Hair by Fairy cute idea

Eh-! Don't look back exactly in the moment I tried to take a picture of your back!!!

And last but not least!

A vending machine at the airport:

Ben & Jerry's !!!
OMG I wish we had something like that in Germany!!!

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