12/05/19 - London: Strolling around in Westminster & Camden Town

Aaand London posts continue!!!

2nd day: Westminster, King's Cross & Camden Town/ Camden Market

(I'll probably hit 100.000 views with this post, exciiitiiing!!!)

Aloha famous London Eye!

 Big Ben funny but I actually prefer the mobile version haha (right one)

 Free Wifi place!

Indian people trying to lure money off tourists

Crowns everywhere

 Open hallway!!

 Catherine Place! Close to my real name Catrin

Short stop at Kings Cross just to see Platform 9 3/4 !!
 That girl was stylish...so I had to act creepy and take a photo of her.

 And finally, one of my highlights:


 That Hitler shirt was hilarious, mom forbid me to buy it though. Shop on the right was creepy!!

 Oh..yummy food everywhere those guys were hilarious, acting like market criers

 How can someone living around London NOT be stylish?!

 Fried chocolate bars!!!!
Of course I had to try one!!

Chose MARS and it was surprisingly yummy

 These were actually seats!!! Great idea


 ...no, I didn't take this photo because of the band Girugamesh. *cough*

The place I was sitting at to eat my fried MARS hello british duck, look at my shoes!

And my look of the day:

 Ah I really want to show you guys the blouse I'm wearing on that photo..but it's almost impossible to get a good full body shot of me (=________=)

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