Fashion Inspiration May #2

Good evening

Today I'll squeeze a Fashion Inspiration Post between my London Trip posts to entertain those who are not interested in London haha

As usual I'll start with monomania staff coords!

Oh btw!!
monomania created a blogspot blog!!
Please check them out HERE
(so far only dedicated to men's fashion)

Furthermore I'll start to use the Staff Members names (well at least those I know for now) let me know if you like it or not leaving a little comment

I loooove the long back!!!!
There should be more shirts like this!!!

                                                      Especially in love with the Top on the right

 Tsu-jiii & idk who

 Kanemasa & Nana

idk & Ramu
(Ramus face is so cute haha)

monomania item I'd like to buy:

 The baaag quite simple, but amazing


 #1: SHOES
#2: Overall I'd love to wear one day when my legs are thinner

KERA model deliciousness

And I guy I would have never thought of as Fashion Inspiration:

(yes...the cross-dresser)

Bye for now ♥

[I'm going to go shopping tomorrow!!!!! Can't wait!!!!]

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