18th May '12 - Shopping District & Tower Bridge, London

Good Evening

Yes, still going to continue with photos from my first day in London...we were running around quite a bit haha. These will be my last photos from the 1st Day in London though.

Let's start with the shopping district! Unfortunately I forgot the name of the street...but I guess those who were in London before know it and those who don't - well the street's name is not that important right?

 Union Jack and Doube-Decker Bus everywhere!!

Interesting Trash Can~

 Doc's and Creepers for sale O: I wish I had more money with me!!!

UNIQLO in London ♥ 
(I love the ladie's gaze in the front btw haha~ she's like "wtf stupid tourist taking pictures of everything and being annoying ")

 Public Toilet & Phone Boxes

Super disturbing Topshop mannequin. Are my legs supposed to look like that?! I don't think so!!!

After excessive window shopping we decided to take one of those Double-Decker Busses and just ride it until it's last station. I sat in the front on the 2nd floor:

 Small part of London Eye right behind those gorgeous buildings!


 Huge Apple Store

 As I said before: Union Jack and Busses everywhere!

 Sun slowly disappearing...

Some of those buildings were even more impressive in the evening...

After reaching Tower Hill Station we made our way to the famous Tower Bridge!!

Crossing Tower of London first:

British caps

And finally: 
Tower Bridge

 It was a great choice to go look at it while the sun was slowly disappearing!!

 This is one of my favorite shots

 End of 18th May - my first day in London

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