Fashion Inspiration March #1

Aloha everyone!!

Spring just came back to Germany for a few days and now it's dropping down to -2°C again.
I was just going to unwrap myself and dress up in some lighter clothes as it began to become colder again...ugh.
Well, speaking about clothes...let's have a look at my latest Fashion Inspirations this time I'd like to start with some fashionable people:

 Chamii! (guy without glasses)
He's a very androgynous person and much into BOY LONDON

 Been posting lots of photos of her here lately... 96

 96 & friends

 ZIG UR IDOL Designer Sadie (& SPEECIES, ZiZ)
& Ikeda Hirari (DOG Harajuku Staff)

Some monomania items :
 Idk why but I love crown accessories...!

 Don't have to explain why I like those, right?

This poncho jacket thing is just...! :

 Nice patterns

 This could easily be SUPER LOVERS or GLAD NEWS, right? haha~

Mixed items:

 DEORART Backpack

(beware - that homepage might kill your eyes)

PS: thank you very much for your comments about the upcoming Giveaway seems like I did everything right with my past giveaways haha

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