Cats, some Fashion & Anime - this is how I spend my days in Tokyo

It's like the title of this post says: I spend my days with cats, fashion & Anime haha
It's a good choice though, right?
Oh and please notice: only talking about the DAYS hoho  
(posts about the nights following soon)
 So I got this fancy MINT NEKO neck warmer at Closet Child! It's second hand, but it looks like new

 Went to Ikebukuro and spotted some street cats  
Also spent a good amount of money on FREE merchandise again haha

 It's seriously everywhere...!

 Street cats again

 Tried to make my hair look like the wig I was wearing 1 post ago
And I bought my first Japanese Manga! Volume XVI of Kuroshitsuji

 Trying to drink each drink the vending machine at work offers!
So far I had White Chocolate & Banana Milk!

 Of course food is included as well.

 Sailor Moon Nails!!!!

 A black mess (right next to another black mess haha) & Kuroshitsuji Decoration!!

 FREE! & Kuroshitsuji again haha

 Those construction areas over here frighten me to death
& lemme say that these Inu x Boku SS chocolate cookies look way better than they actually are, ugh.

Speaking about chocolate...
 My mom sent me this package a while ago

 And I received some chocolate from Chuo University at work! Surprisingly delicious!!!

 There's one road next to Shinjuku Station where you'll always spot like 8 different bands in the evening seriously love passing by~

 Spotted this amazing backpack while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green haha~
Also my roommate Laura showing off her family name (it's "Sold")

 Went to Mr Donuts for the first time~! Those balls weren't recommendable though...
Second pic proves I'm not only drinking white chocolate & banana milk at work haha

I kind of want to take some inlineskates and break my legs (&probably my arms as well)

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