Giveaway Time! U & S from Tokyo ♥

I finally managed to take photos of everything I bought for the Giveaway
I'm pretty sure those of you who checked my Tokyo GET Posts may recognize a few of the things because I got the same or very similar stuff for myself hoho

" U & S " means "useful & stylish" btw

With this Giveaway I'd like to thank all of my dear readers I'm already blogging for more than 6 years and it's still fun! Especially because I got to know a whole ton of people through this hobby
I appreciate each comment and each click I receive thank you very much~!
Please keep on reading my blog and let me know if there's something you'd like to know about me or my blog always open for questions and suggestions!

Let's stop the talking and have a look at the stuff I got for you:

Super stylish Cat Bag

 Popteen April 2013

 Super detailed ONE PIECE Chopper Lip Balm

 Ufo Catcher Alpaca Keyholder

 Minnie Couture Tissues

 Fake Lashes Box
 Cute Monster Socks I got in Harajuku

 Another Ufo Catcher goodie

 Alice in Wonderland Nail Sticker Set

 Hair Pins + Case
 Another Harajuku get hoho
Dinosaur Bracelet!

 And Glamorous Eyelashes

Hope you guys like what I picked!!

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CookieCat said...

I like on your blog that your fashion is very individual ^.^ it´s different from the usual Japan related blogs I think :3
I´d love to see more outfit pictures, because I think they´re really inspiring ^-^