Pictures of myself in Tokyo I found after Tokyo ♥

Happy Sunday everyone <3

I'm actually trying to blog using an iPad for the first time in my life...
Never even touched a tablet ever before (´・_・`)
Well, after coming back from Tokyo I found a few photos of myself, Anna and Sashi online!

L: Sashi's Blog ♡
R: Harajuku Fashion Blog! Was happy to see my own face on there...(^_^)☆
グローバル!!ありがたいです means "Global!! Thank you!" ♡

Most of my readers may know this source: Tokyo Fashion!
Of course also super happy to be on their page...especially next to Kyouka, Junnyan & Lisa13 ♡

Hellfire Hasshin took this one ♡ thanks a lot
(Decadance Bar - Dark Dimension)

I really enjoyed this trip to the max (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Got to know a ton of super interesting people...and definitely looking forward to meet them again ♡
It's incredible to know I've made so many friends on the other side of the world...

I also booked my next flight already.
Will be in Tokyo 14/01/03 - 14/06/15 ♡
This time I'll meet even more people...including dear readers like Momo & Nina *\(^o^)/* 楽しみ!!

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