04/07 - heading back to Germany ♥

Good evening everyone

This will be the last post about Tokyo (;____;) there's only a "pictures of myself in Tokyo I found after Tokyo" post following soon. Also my giveaway is coming soon I just didn't find time to take photos of the prizes yet...ugh, sorry.

So, after spending the night celebrating Sashi's birthday we went back to our apartment to sleep for a few hours.
After showering and enjoying our last Japanese breakfast we had to clean and get rid off all the garbage that was still in our room.

Gathered like 1000000 bottles and cans.
My last breakfast in Tokyo consisted of Royal Milk Tea, Seachicken Mayonnaise Onigiri & mixed vegetables.

To clean our room we stored all of our luggage in the kitchen:
This was my part.
Silver backpack, super colorful and amazing suitcase, huge dark blue bag, small black Men's Knuckle bag, camera bag & Disney Store Shopping bag.
How did I manage to get all this to the airport...?

Anna's and Sashi's stuff

Can you see that super modern air condition system?
Also look at Sashi~ rarely see people looking that fresh and styled on a plane.

Plane food we've been really lucky with our meals!

Changed planes in Shanghai and had to spend a few hours at their airport.

Had some milk in Shanghai! Wohoo~!

Also couldn't resist dinner.

On the plane back to Germany everyone had his own display to watch movies, listen to music, play games etc...
I'm a person who can't sleep on planes, so I had to entertain myself for about 11 hours. No wonder I completed several games...(Mickey Game was my favorite)

Took this photo with Sashi shortly before arriving in Germany, Frankfurt

After arriving in Frankfurt I had to grab my stuff, head home, take a shower & hurry to University.
You can't imagine how tired I've been haha.... (would do it again anytime)

Looking forward to my next trip...

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