Mutsessions: Calmando Qual in Cologne, GER - 2013/05/18

While watching The Walking Dead I almost forgot to blog today...
Well, here we go

This time it's a Mutsession Post
Back in May I went to Cologne to see Calmando Qual with Anna
It was my 3rd time seeing them live and I would always buy their tickets again and again.
Calmando Qual are definitely one of my favorite live bands!

As I decided to dress up for the gig Anna took a photo of us where I am quite looking like Shiratama haha~
Right shot shows my Makeup & OS Necklace (yup, eyebags are on purpose)

Anna's Calmando Qual Look!

I am only using my phone during lives once to take a photo for my blog haha:

Ah, Calmando Qual
Have any of my readers seen them live too?
They are reeeaaally good at heating up the crowd!
Actually they weren't the only band playing that evening...Plunklock were on stage right after.
But! Almost everyone has been writing about Plunklock only, so I'm the one writing about Calmando Qual only :3
Most of the fans were Plunklock fans, but Calmando Qual totally won 80% of their hearts as well

That said I'm gonna go back to watching the final ep of The Walking Dead Season 3 and Watamote & Attack on Titan right after hoho

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