CLG #5: OOTD's of May & fixing my teeth

Only 2 CLG posts left after posting them I'll finally be almost up to date haha

Let's look at a few shots from May:

One of my friends bought a new car and as they were picking me up I even received cooled Red Bull!
Right shows what I've been wearing that day

Nekorobi umbrella I received in Tokyo
& showing off new hairstyle (hiding the long part) & OS necklace

Been filming for University again~ nothing exciting though xD
OOTD on the right has been funny...everything black & white, except shoes & accessories

The accessories
& Matcha Frappucino @ Starbucks (*___*)

My neighbour again there's dirt on his mouth and he doesn't even care..

Another OOTD
James is impressed! (LINE Character)

I also finally asked my dentist to fix my teeth...
guess you can see the difference, he did a good job!

Last but not least:
beautiful shot of Heidelberg

I'll post a review about color lenses I received from my new Sponsor Kawaii Deluxe soon so stay tuned~

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