Gray hair & Blue eyes don't match? [A3 Bambi Blue Review]

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

I'm back with a review
Kawaii Deluxe sent me a pair of lenses

Kawaii Deluxe Details:

Brand: EOS
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Power: 0.00
Duration: 1 year disposable
Price: 17,95€

 When I received them everything was put in a small red bag, which made the unwrapping proccess way more exciting
I mean...I knew what I was getting (didn't know I would get a cute pig lense case though!!) but I'm always excited when opening packages haha~

 This is what the lenses look like bathing in solution
I was super excited to put them in my eyes haha~ (remember you should never put them into your eyes immediately after opening the vial)
As my natural eye color is brown it's quite hard to find matching blue lenses...usually the blue color just disappears or looks weird

 No Lense

 Seems like I've been lucky with these ones!!

Detail Shot without Makeup  
I really like the pattern...the black circle isn't too thick and the blue color blends really well

If you've been reading my past circle lense reviews you might have noticed that I'm always dressing up when doing them...
So yeah, let's enhance the big-eye-effect and add some makeup!

 Duduun! A3 Bambi Blue effect after applying makeup!
(I am actually wearing 4 different kinds of fake lashes haha....)

Also it's neccessary to show that the color effect changes depending on the light:



 Review result:

Style ★★★
I really enjoy wearing these! The pattern is nice and the color is popping out though they are not unique enough to receive 5 stars

Color ★★★★★
Already said this on "Style" but well yeah, the color is popping out and even works on dark eyes!

Enlargement Effect ★★★★
14.8 mm are enough to enlarge your eyes noticeable
Comfort ★★★★★
Super easy to put in & out. Also didn't notice wearing them at all... even after a few hours.

 Some shots of the look I created for this review:

 ...trying to smile in the last one, haha...

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