KERA 12/04 Favorites ♥

Good morning
[well morning for me right now preparing this post...]

How has your weekend been?
Mine has been rather chilly went to my mom's, started to eat again after 5 days of fasting (YES) and had dance lessons sunday morning.

As I've been too lazy to scan my KERA I downloaded the scans right here and would like to share my favorite coords with you:

[warning: no Akira or Ren:NO this time, seems like they focused on new models like "Host-Girl" Oni]

Golden Bomber x PEACE NOW x Hello Kitty Shirt advertisement I'd love to own one of these!!


Still love his Fashion Sense

KERA Models:

 Yes. I am currently addicted to Shiratama's Style. Maybe because it's similiar to mine...?

 Ayumiiiii [love her current hairstyle] really boyish coords this time, love both!!!!

And not to forget the girly stuff:

 LIKE especially the one on the right~

Street Shots:
 Super diverse styles; both look stunning !!

...ok, this post felt super short D:

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