Sparkle Babies united in Germany ♥

Good evening dear readers
I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!

I'm a little late, but I'd like to share some photos of 4 1/2 days I spent with my Sparkle Baby Ande
She was visiting me from America and I tried to show her as much as I could
Unfortunately she didn't feel well after her arrival and we spend the first day at home...
Sashi came over in the evening we didn't take any pics tho...~


 [Photo credits to Ande]

Ande doing my Make Up in the evening:


Anna came over as well, because...


[and a super short stay in Cologne]

It takes 5~6 hours to Düsseldorf, that's why we had to get up reaaally early

Fortunately Thanh Thao was free that day and we had a spontaneous meet

First stop:


 ...some kind of don and miso soup, I forgot the name. Unfortunately not Gyu-don ;;

Intended to drink at TOYKIO....
...closed on Mondays. Ugh.

Café Tenten then:

 Matcha Latte

Thanh Thao, Me, Ande

[Thank you so much for leading us through Düsseldorf Thanh Thao ♥ it was nice to meet you!! Hopefully we'll be able to meet again~]

Oh I almost forgot the most funny part of Düsseldorf!!!





Food again:

 Sweet Potatoe Fries

 Salad, Schnitzel, Broccoli, Sauce Hollandaise~

 Anna and Maxi [credits to Ande]

 Ande & me [credits to Ande]

Maxi & Ande [credits to Ande]

And last but not least:

GIFTS [Thank you so much Ande!!!!]
 Catrin Nyan Nyanpire Blanket

 Ribbon Headband

 HiLo Skirt [F21]

 Scary Betsey Socks [Ande owns matching ones in pink]

 Victorias Secret Panties!!!

 Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm, bliv off with those heads serum & Camelbak Water Bottle

 Morbid Metals Body Jewelry [two pieces, I'm currently wearing one of them]

 Girl Scouts Cookies!!! & Sentimental Circus Stationery Set (*________________*)

Unfortunately Ande had to leave Wednesday morning...;;

Frankfurt Airport

I really hope we will be able to meet again soon...!
I enjoyed those 4 1/2 days with you a lot and it didn't feel like we had seen each other for the first time at all...I U

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