S, B, S...& K ♥

Ok...now posting random pictures I tokk during last week.

Had to kill some time & went to a nearby supermarket.
Surprisingly I found Starbucks Coffee there, didn't know you can actually buy Starbucks Coffee in supermarkets...!
Well, it's not really super great, so I wont recommend it xD.
Nice idea tho...~

Went to an irish pub last saturday.
Unfortunately they don't offer still water (FAIL!), so I had to drink something different for a change.
Chose Bionade ♥ a kind of "We don't use any chemical additions" - drink.

Also I tried to combine a huge men's shirt with my (huge) Mickey shirt, not to mention I'm wearing boy's pants, too.
It kinda looks...saggy, but it's comfy.


Styled my hair after taking the pictures, what a great idea.... xD

And to conclude this wonderful entry...
...enjoy Giroro & Keroro in their Cosplays ♥


나니 said...

SEX POT FTW! I stole majority of my girlfriend's ripped tshirts from SPR. haha! xD She doesn't mind tho..

Oh, and we don't really have Starbucks here. But I LOVVEEEEE chai latte<3 NOMNOMNOM. It's like pure christmas in a cup! : D NOM!

pupsi said...

.. hoho von wem bekommt man denn dieses abgefahrne SEX POT PATCH ?? hoho <3

ich mochte dein outfit ! .. akira hoho 8//B

der giroro-hase ist mein schatz !! <3

ah btw, ab ca 3 uhr ging mein pc wieder an XDD

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

lol, love Giroro & Keroro in their Cosplays!