TBT - Published in a Men's Magazine

There are still way too many photos I took during my time in Japan and I just can not NOT post them so please beware that you're going to see lots of TBT posts

As already mentioned in this posts title one of my photos got published in the Fan Corner of a Men's Fashion Magazine called Men's Knuckle. I've been a huge fan of this magazine from the beginning and I'm really happy to see my face in it haha (and it's quite big sized too hoho)

During my time in Tokyo I got to meet lots of interesting people and happened to see bars I'd never enter all by myself

It was way too fun to sing Dir en Grey Songs at Karaoke with this professional Metal Vocal haha

I also started to pierce myself :D no regrets
Annnnd....Starbucks Japan is way too tempting...like they always have these super special limited drinks for about 1~2 months and you just HAVE TO go there and drink it before its gone D:

Speaking about temptations - who wouldn't buy this doggie cake?

And also Sweets Paradise is a must if you're a cake lover
(Aren't we pretty?)

Some of Tokyos Public Bathrooms look super cute! This one was right next to the Sweets Paradise in Harajuku and it even had those whole-body-mirrors (How do you like my outfit? ♥)

Can't remember where I took this photo but I love Tokyo's Sky...
Right pic shows a pretty cool laser/light show at a club (@ Christon Café)
I've been there by myself and I was happy to being introduced to Hiroyuki Takahashi's friends (some of you might know his art?) and not be a lone loser the whole night lol


(My face looks so dumb omg)

Loved these jellys! 0 calories are a nice side effect
And enjoying your Cup Ramen with Tuxedo Mask is the best

I'm not a huge fan of K-Pop but this Korean Restaurant had signs of like ALL OF THE K-POP GUYS

I just realized that this post is kinda long...would you prefer shorter ones or is this kind of image flood okay for you?

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