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Good evening everyone!

Browsing through my Twitter timeline is a torture if you're broke. I'm following lots of shops and designers and am crying almost every single day (꒪̥̥﹏꒪̥̥ )
And because I'm such a nice blogger I'll share my torture with you ♡ welcome

 The Shirt is by M:E, a kind of underground label from Nagoya. They use a lot of eyeball prints and almost everything is just as black as my soul (yes, I had to say this once in my lifetime)

Some of you (or most?) might know the guy (yes) on the 2nd pic. It's MEJIBRAYs drummer METO.He's wearing a onepiece by GLAD NEWS ♡ due to the condition of my legs I enjoy wearing maxi dresses a lot and this one would even cover the upper part of my arms..! Too good to be true ♡

This is another piece of M:E
It kinda looks like you're wearing a hoodie on top of either baggy pants or a wide skirt and I LOVE it ♡

h.Naoto has never been my favorite designer but some pieces are simply gorgeous
This one is kinda Steampunk-ish and something I'd actually love to wear (if I could afford it)

Loyal blog readers already know my love for this brand - MINT NEKO
It might look a bit childish most of the times but I love the mix of baggy and NEKO ♡ just imagine wearing that skirt and there's this super motivated cat face snitching through the gap of your legs...!

MYOB became a huge success in Tokyo and I can totally understand the hype...I've been to a shop opening before and the designer is simply gorgeous. She's been living in New York and speaks English fluently. Her designs are super flashy and her jewelry is catching everyone's eyes ✧*。(ˊᗜˋ*)✧*。✧
I already own a pair of MYOB earrings but these would be an amazing investion..♡

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