Catch Up #8 - Gets, Food & Drinks

Good evening once again

Yeah so probably this is one of the few posts that have nothing to do with christmas today haha~
Hope you enjoy it though

Idk why but I'm a fan of photos of the sky...sorry for posting so many of them
Photo on the right shows a top I got from Sami Spoon!! Thank you very much ♥♥♥

Another sky shot hoho

Recently fell in love with LUSH....
(this was a gift for a friend though)

Spooky house I noticed when going out with friends...
...and a nice shoe comparison haha (yeah mine are the converse)

Tea and Donuts! What else?

Powerpuff Cupcakes!! (made by Maxi )

New shoes


...not tea and donuts haha
Captain Morgan Promotion Gift!

Starbucks am I the only one who's in love with their carrot cake?

PS: I'm heading to Lübeck/Hamburg for 4 days tomorrow. Taking my laptop with me so hopefully I'll have internet! Goodbye

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