Fashion Inspiration ♥ [well yeah..mostly monomania haha]


How's everyone doing?
Tried to post this yesterday...but it seems like I did something wrong when trying to publish it & the whole entry just deleted itself. Yeah, wtf.
I guess I won't ever try to publish a post via mobile again...haha...so I'm just going to schedule this one. Right now I'm getting ready to head out to Cologne!! Satsuki x Kaya it is!! YAY
[Oh btw; funny coincidence: Sho (Golden Bomber) is in Cologne right now, too]

Well let's start with the Fashion Inspiration pics~!
We'll start with non-monomania pics!!!
Shiratama [KERA] to the left~
& a Tokyo Street Fashion Shot to the right

CO&LU Shoes I MUST OWN to the left
& a great Cosplay I'd do if I would weigh 30 kg less

Tokyo Street Style Shot
& CO&LU STAFF to the right
[can you believe I like both? haha]

 CO&LU I DUCKY ROCKER'S Shirt ! I need this in my life! (*___*)/)

 A fashion post without Re:NO is not complete
+ I love that guy's style on the right!!

monomania inspiration


 It's Tattan/Tacchan! One of my favorite monomania Staff girls Most of the time she's combining her clothes just like I would do!! (And she's kinda hot haha...)





 Ugh that brand knows what I love....

Hope you guys enjoy posts like these!!!
They wont become regularly...but I thought I could give it a try


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