Fashion Inspiration Post April #2 ♥


As I mentioned before in Fashion Inspiration Post #1 a few days ago:
I still have some photos left...but don't you worry, this will be the last Inspiration post for April haha.

Let's start, as usual, with monomania Staff coords:

I especially like the left one I need to buy a plain top and add a few studs asap...~

The guy on the left = (yes, not only the clothes haha)

  Take a look at the shoes the girl on the left is wearing...I would kill to get them!
(btw; her hair is a monomania wig)
& I feel like I wore the outfit on the right quite a few times already

 This summer I'm definitely going to buy short black pants!!!

 The shirt on the left is amazing...and yeah, the down hanging black cloth is part of the gray shirt.

 I like how in Japan it is totally okay to wear wigs for fashion...

LEft: monomania wig again

monomania items I'd like to buy:


 Super cute D: 

 Skirt: LOVE
Blazer: NEED IT

COCO LULU coords & items:

 Both are extremely cute

 I would look like a trash bag wearing the overall thingie on the right side...but it looks adorable.
Same with the pants.

& last but not least:
Random inspirational pictures:

One word only: Stunning.

 Shiratama wearing a super cute wig while still pulling off her typical make up

Kiyoharu Shirt I WANT TO BUY ASAP

PS: I recently got the new Volume of KERA BOKU. Are you guys interested in scans? I almost had a heart attack while looking at it.

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