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 Good morning everyone
[well morning for me now...I'll post this in the evening haha]
Some days ago Yuku tagged me thanks a lot!
1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag

Alright...let's start.

# 11 things about me:

 #1 I'm 177cm

#2 I'm a huge fan of Kiyoharu

#3 I'm totally what you'd call an Otaku

#4 I'm single for 7 years already (and I don't miss anything)

#5 I'm studying Applied Media Arts - Public Relation & Communication Management

#6 I'm wearing the dog tag of my in 2009 deceased dog every day

#7 My belly button is pierced

#8 I own a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and Nintendo DS, but I'm too poor to buy games so I rarely use them

#9 The size of my shoes is EU 41/42, UK 8, US 10

#10 I'm part of Miyavi's official Fanclub C.W.I.F.

Questions by Yuku:

1 Did you ever been tagged before? By who? Do you like that game?
      To be honest I can't remember correctly...I've been tagged quite a few times before.
      Unfortunately I don't like to do tags too often..most of them are quite boring or simply annoying. This one is good though.

2 Why and when did you start blogging?
      I started to blog in May 2009 (wtf it has been 3 years already...?) mostly because I thought it was a fun way to keep precious memories. Nowadays I'm still doing it for fun. I got to know quite a few people through blogging and I don't want to miss them in my life anymore ♥

3 Do you believe in horoscopes?
Ah..only partly. It's always hilarious to read those daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes in magazines and such. I'm Aquarius and oddly enough the description of it fits my personality almost perfectly. That's why I like to read characterizations from time to time.

4 Do you have a favorite TV show? Which one?
Now that's a hard question. I guess I don't have a single favorite TV show. But I'll list some shows that I always enjoy a lot:
Malcolm in the middle
How I met your mother
Big Bang Theory
Family Guy
American Dad
South Park
Germany's next Topmodel
TV Total
Elton vs Simon

5 Are you childish? If Yes, how does that become obvious?
Sometimes I am. Especially when it comes to love-related stuff.
Example: I know that Tatsurou (MUCC) will be my future husband.
[please don't take this too serious..]
(and yes, I think this screenshot is insanely attractive.) 

6 Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? Show it!

7 What's the name of your cell phone? 
Boring: Nyanphone (it's an iPhone)

8 Where/what is the most amazing place you've ever been to?

Super lame but true answer: TOKYO

9 Pokémon or Digimon?
Hmn...I spent more time with Pokémon, so: POKÉMON
My Charizard Gijinka Cosplay

10 What was your favorite game when you were a child?
Probably Pokémon for my trashy old Gameboy.

11 Finish that sentence: "If I meet you[Yuku] I would..."
...go out to take Purikura with you and talk about our favorite anime/manga/music all day long ♥ 

Alright, next step is to create eleven questions for the persons I'm going to tag...

My Questions:

#1  How many shoes do you own?

#2 Have you ever thought about plastic surgery? If so, what would you consider?

#3 Do you like Anime/Manga? Tell me your favorites ♥

#4 Tell me some of your favorite musicians ♥

#5 Are there any brands that inspire you?

#6 Do you name your belongings? Like bags or shoes or parts of your body?

#7 Have you ever been abroad? What is your favorite travel activity?

#8 What's your favorite season? Why?

#9 Do you have any phobias or really dislike something?

#10 What is the last book you read?

#11 Finish that sentence: "If I meet you[Mutsumi] I would..."

Last step: Tag 11 people

Sashi, Traumfrau, Ande, MikaKassidy, Naka
Sami, Conny, Kichan, Marion & Monica

[This post took me so long I can't believe it...]

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