Fashion Inspiration ♥

Good evening ♥ 

University started again and FU I'm so tired right now...
But anyway!!! I think I'll start to post regular 'Fashion Inspirations' due to the large amount of staff photos I'm saving almost every day...please let me know whether you think those posts are boring/bothering!!

 I'll start with monomania staff coordinates:

Right: Kind of business like monomania look haha

 Right: LOVE

 I usually don't like the girl on the left..but this time she did a really good job kindly ignore her dumb face though



 Hoowa please note their shoes...I WANT THEM ALL
And I want my legs to become thinner immediately!!

Certain clothing pieces I'd like to buy:
(still monomania)

 Left: LOVE the print!
Right: those teeth are too funny

I really need a blazer and I'd totally buy this one!!!

 Another pair of jackets I'd totally buy

 Both items: STUNNING

Non- monomania fashion:

 Shiratama totally adore her style

And I'm still a fan of COCO LULU

I noticed that I collected 44 pictures for this entry...but I'll stop here for now.

See you

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