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Good evening! 

How's everyone doing? 
Did you enjoy your weekend as much as I did?
[Happy belated Easter btw]
Semester Break is now officially over D:
I want to share something amazing with you today:

bornprettystore sent me a set of 15 Nail Art Brushes!!
As usual I received them wrapped in bubble paper after aproximately 2 weeks.
Let's have a look at the brushes....:

bornprettystore's description:

Can be used on natural/false/acrylic/gel nails
Perfect for nail painting and drawing
Suitable for finest detailing tasks like painting leaves and flowers
Set of 15 nail art brushes:
3 drawing tools
7 painting tools
2 liners
1 dotting tool
2 fan brushes for nail art effect

All of them have a seperate safety cap (which I removed for the photos) and are gathered in a see-trough package.

Price: $ 4.47 [free shipping worldwide]

It was my first try using Nail Art Brushes and it took me quite a while to finish my first Nail:

For those of you who know One Piece: Yep, this is Gekko Moria

As you may tell it's possible to draw really small and clear details!
I can see me using those brushes regularly as I'm a fan of detailed Nail Art haha...

Left Hand:
Gekko Moria, Perona, Kumashi and two Nails saying "Gekko Moria" & "One Piece"

Due to my increasing headache and extremely untalented left hand I decided to make the right hand less creative:

Matching colors though.

For both hands I've been using 9 out of 15 Nail Art Brushes.

Quick tip for how to clean them:
Try soaking them in clear Nail Polish after reducing the Polish on brush with Nail Polish Remover; it'll suck the last drop of color out of your brush!


 Packing             ★
(air cushion envelope )   
Shipping period  ★
(free shipping worldwide - approximately 2 weeks) 
Service               ★
("Thank you" Card & fast/friendly communication via email) 

(nothing to complain )  

Product in General 

It's worth it to check out their Twitter/facebook you'll always find some nice Giveaways or discounts.
There's also a blog where bornprettystore shares nail art & Giveaways:
And don't forget to use this code to get 5% off:

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