Comiket / Comic Market - 29th December Tokyo Big Sight - Part III

 Part 3 of my Comiket report ♥
Hope you still enjoy Cosplay photos!

 It's Monster Hunter, isn't it? ♥ Wow~

Guess what appeared right in front of us...
First thing we noticed: Oh, there's someone wearing a German armed forces suit! Let's take a photo!
So we asked him for a photo & told him we're from Germany.
Second thing we noticed: ...more Japanese in German armed forces suits...and oh, not just the current suit.

 The guy we noticed first told his friends that we're from Germany and they raised an old German flag in seconds.

 Even Hitler was present, woohoo.
[Please don't take me too serious - read & look at the photos with humor]

 Love their wigs! How do they style them?!

 Very cute girl ♥ this one is one of my favorite Comiket photos~

...aaand ♥ the Japanese version of Harry Potter~

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