Where we usually spent the nights ♥ Our small apartment in Ikebukuro

Hi hi ♥
Today's the day I'm going to introduce our cute apartment to you ♥

It was great to stay there for 2 weeks and I can totally recommend it to everyone out there.
We got it through Grand House Chang Tee Hotel, about 400€ per person.
Checked in at the hotel at the first day, paid and didn't meet the staff ever again, haha.

This is the apartment by night ♥ see the lights at the door on second floor? This was our part of the house.

Apartment by daytime ♥ sun's shining just for our part of the house, haha ♥

You can't tell from the pictures above, but there's a little space right under the balconies.
Cat's seemed to like our apartment, too...there were a whole bunch of cats all the time ♥
We secretely called it "Neko-Club".
I think most of the cats were living on the street, but the neighbours kindly cared about them every day..
One night, it was around 1 or 2 am...I met one of the women who's taking care of their food and water ♥
I already miss these cats...♥ I never touched them, but I spoke to them and took photos, haha~ they liked it ♥
plus: they even sung for us from time to time

Well, let's take a look at the inside:

This was our bedroom. Japanese style - Futons.
I didn't expect it to be so comfortable!!
There was enough space for all the 5 of us and the sheets were warm and fluffy ♥
Oh there was an Aircon, too. You just can't see it in the photo above, haha.
Ah there even  was a huge cabinet on the right side...totally forgot to take a picture.

Maxi's piece of the bed...haha ♥
Hello Kitty with fake lashes, woohoo ♥

Small TV ♥ & a small piece of my part of the bed~

Traumfrau preparing our dinner in the kitchen ♥
We had a refrigerator, a microwave, a kitchen sink & a water boiler ♥
[The apartment looks so messy, haha~ sry]

Corridor ♥ the door is where you can see our shoes & the small cabinet~

Bathroom ♥
 (Fell in love with that shower)

Separate toilet ♥

Neko-Club again ♥

Right accross the street...another cat ♥

Coin Laundry~

Take a look at the sign...
The shirt says "Don't forget me...Don't leave me...PLEASE....!!!"

Part of the bedroom, Mew shaving her socks (yes, her socks).
"To remove the fluff" haha ♥

There was a supermarket and several convenience stores right around the corner...
look at the cute frogs/monkeys/idk.
Roof-Tree! ♥
[Our neighbour-house xD]

Creepy Tokyo-style digital power lines.

Looking down the street in front of our apartment.

Urghs...totally want to go back to Tokyo when looking at these photos.
Felt so nice to walk around with a conbini-bag...~

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