CO&LU GET о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Headline speaks for itself:

I got something by CO&LU ♥ woohoo!!

Ordered via Mukunoki

You can get stuff by CO&LU here



Fortunately my real name begins with 'C' so that kind of CO&LU logo suits me ♥

....I wont ever cut that....string with a heart and...label...-thing

the 'C' ♥

Oh & I didn't just get the bag, I've been lucky to grab a school offer including 8 unique school items

Have a look:

Sticker ♥

Magazine & Catalogue ♥
[which I'll scan for you later ♥]

Pencil case with 2 floors ♥

Pen ♥

Textmarker ♥

Adress label ♥ [going to fill it with some pictures instead of my adress]

Button ♥

...& a mirror ♥

The set was definitely worth it ♥
[about ¥3900]

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