CLG #7: June - Cat Content!

Good evening everyone
Wohoo, already blogging about June xD (and it's the only post about June!!)

So lately I've been eating a lot of asian food...but I can't complain hoho though this shot is rather silly...!
Cat Content #1: Nora's cats

Cat Content #2: MINT NEKO 5th Anniversary Book
When CD Japan told me they had this in stock...I couldn't resists D:
the extra bag is quite big actually!!!

Did I mention that I started running?
Well, this is the park I'm usually at

Running shots!

Face shortly before falling asleep~

Ordered an album including stickers for my polaroids

My mom sent this photo of my cat to me...
...I couldn't resist editing it. Mio is just....well....Mio.

See who's stalking me after running! White cat!
And no I didn't see Monster University yet (;____________;) actually went to see World War Z and bought the Monster Set

I also finally received my internship contract
Tokyo 14/01/06 ~ 14/06/06
Can't wait...!!

And last but not least:
Friendly snail greeting me on my way home

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