Hot, hot summer..

A few weeks ago it started to become REALLY hot in Germany!
I'll show the exact temperatures later~
Fortunately it has cooled down again and I can sleep peacefully again

My dear neighbour cat Jiji enjoyed the sun
I was surprised I actually enjoyed it too...

Received this HK Chocolate Heart for Valentine's Day & just ate it in July haha...little late~
still tasty though

I also went to Frankfurt with Suttyny!!!
There's a small French/Japanese café I already introduced a few months (or years?) ago~
Totally had to show this Suttyny's boyfriend (he has never been to Frankfurt) cake for everyone!!

Suttyny & her shopping bags
Also a piece of Frankfurt...xD (not at it's best haha)

Nora asked me whether I'd like to take a sun bath...and so we did

Half naked Nora drinking~
& my favorite drink of 2013 to the right

Sun bathing with Mickey~

Got new tights~ (hopefully brave enough to wear these out someday...)
Also got a little sun burn when I was chilling at a BBQ...now ONE side of my shoulder is tanned. Good job.

The weather both in C° and F°...check "Samstag" (Saturday)

One of my summer jobs 2013!
Been working for a quite big fashion house that sells well known design brands.
I've been in charge of the kids section (because kids need design brand clothing, exactly).

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