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Good evening dear Readers~!

Someone restored my data and rescured my computer!!! YAY!!!
Sorry for not blogging regularly in a while...holidays started and the only thing I have to do is one single job now, so I wont be too busy and am able to blog more often again

As you guys probably know I'm a fan of tomboy fashion...therefore it's no wonder that I'm also inspired by Men's Fashion, right?
Today I'd like to share some of my favorite men coordinates with you

This look is kind of nerdy, but I love it

Same here, you'll notice that I really like this kind of nerd look haha.

Loooove his pullover I would totally stare at him for a few seconds in rl haha

The more punky look

Tiny bit nerdier again (I guess because of the shoes/socks..?)

Totally unisex, love it.

Short pants + leggings = ♥

 ..his hair. I had to include him, sry.
[I have to admit that this is the type of men I'm into haha~ even though his face could be a tiny bit more...'ranzig'. Sorry, hard to describe in english. He's kind of looking too 'clean' for me.]

 It's a woman, but she's totally wearing UNISEX fashion as well

I want a huge backpack like that!!

Love both styles but I guess you'll never see me wearing something like that girl haha...even though I wish I could.

Not a man, but COCO LULU is definitely Unisex Fashion too someday I'll definitely buy yellow pants!!!

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