KERA 12/01 - Sharing my fav's ♥

Good morning
[well morning for me right now...gonna publish this in the evening haha]

This time I'd like to share some of my favorite items of the latest KERA issue

Issue 12/01 Cover Neeko

This time KERA featured JUN [Golden Bomber] (*________*)/) me gusta!!

..he's just perfect for this magazine

Furthermore there's a tiny cooking tutorial with PIKO included:

Haha, way too cute...

Speaking about cute...monthly Miku spam:

This time a rather good shoot love his jacket~

Some items I'd love to own:

Pink teddy bear ear warmers!!


Multicolored creepy bear pullover  

Fav coords:
Lovin' the whole look

...those colors D:

And the best in the end:
Amazing coord I would wear it exactly like that! (ah well maybe not the choker....)

And last but not least:

mcha!mcha! Re:NO x Akira promotion

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Anonymous said...

Ich hab dich übrigens getagged, also wenn du Spaß dran hast, kannst du den Fragebogen ja gern ausfüllen ;)