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Holidays started!!!! Ah I'm so excited ~!
Only 2 days of work left... plus I wont even think about university until NEXT YEAR!

Well well 3 days ago I promised a 'latest fan gets' post I hope it's not too boring for you...haha~
I actually enjoy supporting my favorit artists & nobody can ever say I'm NOT supporting them haha~

ONE PIECE Flying Lamb Chibi Doll Anna got this for me...thanks a lot!
K-ON!! Ritsu Maid Doll aaah there's a K-ON!! Movie in Japanese theaters right now...I'd so love to watch it!!!

SGT FROG / Keroro Gunsou Manga Vol. 9 & 10
I've been wearing my Kururu necklace yesterday & one of my coworkers was like "...hey sorry but may I ask if you're into Cosplay and that stuff...?" haha YES I AM

D-BOYS Child Plate & Cutlery bought this 2nd Hand via livejournal [mainly because of Tomo Yanagishita...]

Tomo Yanagishita Photobook got this 2nd Hand too~ [finally!!!]

Tomo Yanagishita Magazine Pages, Photo Set & Stickers [2nd Hand as well]
X Japan Sticker Set [...yeah, 2nd hand haha]

ROCK & READ Vol 35 feat Tatsurou [MUCC]
Wonderful shots

 Kiyoharu FOUR MY LIFE Photobook ♥ 

Idk how many pages it has but it weighs 950g...it's a Kiyoharu Bible
[Interested? Get it here ♥ ]

SADS Conclusion of my Babylon DVD [2nd Hand]
Kiyoharu Kagefumi DVD [2nd Hand] [still available here]
Kuroyume Headache and Dub Real Inch 1st Press Limited Edition w/ DVD [get it here]

Ah~ my fan heart is happy

Oh I need to add another pic!!
Miyavi & Kiyoharu!!
I've seen 'Miyanyan' (as Kiyoharu is calling him...) quite a few times already...
...but dear Mr. Kiyoharu....could you please move your ass to Europe?
Thank you.

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