Personal Update, Random Photos & new Nails ♥


Today I'd like to share a rather personal post
Nothing important though...only some random photos I took during the last weeks:

There has been a project week @ university and we had to create a radio feature.
I've been the one who had to speak most of the time, but I enjoyed it ♥ 

Went to Heidelberg's Christmas Market and due to the mass of Japanese tourists they started to set up Japanese signboards, haha

The current weather situation in Germany sucks...raining all the time. Everywhere.
But I kind of liked the sky that day...~

Christmas Party @University last Wednesday evening:

..everyone had to wear christmas hats and sing, yay.
You can imagine our extremely motivated singing, right?

The lucky dip gift I got at uni's christmas party dutch hot chocolate spoons! Awsome!!

It's finally getting colder these days and...
...that means I can wear my ear muffs again!!!!

...weird photo edit app...haha.

Christmas time means it's time to send out and receive Christmas Cards!!!
Some of you already know that I've got some penpals and I loooove to exchange cards, gifts & letters
Look at that christmas tree card I received a few days ago!! Amazing!!!

Speaking about christmas:
Winter nails

..pic I took during lunch break last monday or tuesday. One Piece and Tea ftw .

Didn't tell you guys yet that I got my first iPhone....:

Love the fact that you can get tons of cute cases!!!
That devil one is one of my favs I need to show you the other case I bought....! It's a bear!
Aaaah I want snow for christmas eve!!!
But it definitely wont happen...(T^T)/) 

Merry Christmas everyone
[omg I can't wait for christmas dinner...!!!]

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