Goodbye 2o11 ♥

Oooh myyy goood time is running and 2o11 went by SO FAST!!!
Today I'd like to share a rather long post with you I'll try to write down a summary of MY year 2o11!!

Let me first explain my status back then:
- overweighted
- no school / university
- no job
- NO FUTURE [haha]

1st January 2011 - 00:00 @ C.C. Lemon Hall, Shibuya Tokyo - Japan
...watching Tatsuro (MUCC) forcing fellow musicians to eat his candy.
Later that day: Walking around Emperor's Palace

2nd Jan: Tokyo Disneyland

5th Jan: Dir en Grey, Shinkiba Studio Coast - Tokyo
6th Jan: ...Shigure
7th Jan: Men's Knuckle Models Kentaro & Hiroshi ALOHA
8th Jan: Back to Germany!

20th Jan: MUCC in Munich, Germany (including signing session, yay!)
21st Jan: My Birthday

[omg looking at this photo makes me realize that I really lost weight...haha]

3rd Feb: Job Interview for a short internship [Stadtmission Heidelberg]

7th Feb: Internship START ♥ 

4th March: Internship END

8th March: Job Interview for the next Internship [BASF]

15th March: GIRUGAMESH in Strasbourg, France
16th March: Internship START [BASF]

1st Apr: Takuma Nakata 1000+ Paper Cranes Exhibition

3rd Apr: MIYAVI in Cologne, Germany
29th Apr: Internship END

 4th May: EC Europa Campus Information Event (University)

6th - 8th May: HANAMI Ludwigshafen, Germany (Anime Convention; I've been a Volunteer there)

16th - 18th May: D Adventure in Cologne, Germany (didn't write about this event yet... but I'll never forget the 17th of May '11) (going to blog about it asap)

- EC Europa Campus (University) accepted me

15th June: Waitress Job START [Mömax]

25th June: MAXIMUM THE HORMONE in Cologne, Germany


3th - 5th July: X JAPAN in Berlin, Germany

8th July: Waitress Job END [Mömax]

15th July: Interview for an upcoming book about the VK Scene around the world

5th Aug: Sales Assistant Job START [Marktex]

13th Aug: DIR EN GREY in Bochum, Germany

3rd Sep: Heidelberg Castle Illuminations

16th - 18th Sep: CONNICHI in Kassel, Germany (Anime Convention)

1st Oct: Zombieday Heidelberg

4th Oct: University START (Public Relations & Communication Management)

14th - 16th Oct: Düsseldorf & Frankfurt, Germany (Japanday)

12th Nov: KANON X KANON X KANON in Bochum, Germany

24th Nov: Christmas Temp. Job START (Thalia)

24th Dec: Christmas Temp. Job END (Thalia) (definitely going to apply for next year as well)

December has been full of work for me, both Uni & Jobs (yeah I'm still Sales Assistant at Marktex)

I'm proud to be able to say that the year 2o11 has been a huge success story for me.

♥ gained friends
♥ lost weight 
♥ made a lot of important experiences 
♥ lots of jobs haha (expert knowledge!!)
♥ university
♥ lots of concerts (& even been part of one...)

I can't remember any year that made me happier than 2o11....and not to forget: It started in Tokyo...

Oh and a nice sidekick for today:

...it's always nice to have your favorite artists reply to you on Twitter, right?


[and thanks to everyone who read this haha]

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