Oh my...

Only 6 days left..I'm going to die, haha ♥.
[so nervous]

Let's take a look at my checklist...

[x] print out schedule for Tokyo including maps aso
[x] print out flight tickets and hotel reservation
[ ] pack your bag
[ ] pick up exchanged money
[x] dentist
[x] doctor
[x] course guidance service
[x] overwrite your applications
[x] email to OAI
[ ] hairdresser
[x] send schedule to several friends
[ ] settle details about the meet-up with Thanh Thao & Sayaka
[ ] become healthy....

Alright....so I just have to go to the hairdresser tomorrow...pick up the exchanged money on wednesday...pack my bag on thursday/friday and contact Thanh Thao and Sayaka...
Not that much, phew.

Did I mention before that I'm going to be at Jack in the Box and Over the Edge? ♥
The line up for Jack is still not available...(wtf?), buuuuut~
take a look at the wonderful guys I'll spend 31th December with, haha:

Over The Edge '10【忘年会】逹瑯(ムック)セッション / AYABIE / アヲイ / the bullet /
DaizyStripper / DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ / ドレミ團 / ゴールデンボンバー / Moran /
摩天楼オペラ / 藤田幸也(kαin)セッション / FWDセッション / 葉月(lynch.)セッション / 真緒(Sadie)セッション
/ YUKI(Mix Speaker's,Inc.)セッション / 義彦(heidi.)セッション ...and more.

Can't wait ♥♥♥
Plus I'll try to get tickets for the fuzz and ladyant black ♥

Good night ♥


PrincessRuki said...

Ja der Weihnachtsmarkt bei uns am Alex ist auch mehr Rummel als alles andere aber dafür auch doppelt so bunt<3

Ja tolle Augen hat er<3 und die Kerze riecht übertoll nach Baby. Ich musste sie haben.

Uuuiiihhh jetzt geht der Countdown für deine Reise los. Bist du schon sehr aufgeregt?

LIZ_THARDY said...

wauu!! good luck n.n