Penpal ♥

Received another great package by one of my penpals ♥
It's amazing...you don't know when but one day you will find stuff like this in your mail box:

Great way to pack up gifts..she just wrapped everything in a plastic bag and shut it with red tape, haha ♥

WANTED posters of Ruffy and Ace (One Piece)
One Piece mobile strap
Red hair colour
Oil blotting facial paper from Kyot
Mountain Fuji postcard
..and a very cute letter ♥

Amazing mix of gifts, haha.
Great fact: She didn't know that I like One Piece ♥ good choice Hika~

I'm afraid of breaking or loosing the mobile strap..so I'll just use it like jewelry, haha ♥

Oh...almost forgot it.

I'm going to look for new penpals all over the world...maybe my blog is a big help?♥

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