Thank you...♥

Today I finally received the Alannah Hill gloves & scarf I won at Exotic Japan's first Giveaway ♥
[Took 2 months to arrive at my house...don't know why...]

Thank you sooo much for doing this giveaway, I was really happy that I won...the scarf & the gloves are so warm and comfy...♥
There's -6°C in Germany today, so I can put them on right now xD.

Thomas is always taking great pictures of Japan's nature, food and everything interesting crossing his road!
(Well he's taking pictures everywhere he is, so not just in Japan as he's in love with travelling it seems xD)
Also his wife Sakie has a good sense for fashion and designs beautiful jewelry.
Check it out

[I'm looking kinda tired...haha~(and wtf..bad quality because of "omg omg omg"-mood and bad light)]

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Suzu's Blog said...

herzlichen glückwunsch ! : D