Sunday feat. Saturday

 On saturday I went to a festival in Heidelberg called "Heidelberger Herbst"
There are a lot of small booths, special campaigns by several shops & performances.
Above you can see the stuff I was wearing that day, haha~

Enjoy some pics of the most beautiful town of Germany ♥

 Bought a paw bracelet ♥ bet my cat is going to be jealous!

Later we went to our local "Vienna".
Great food, great music, great prices.
A stranger next to us was like "Wtf..are you really going to take a picture of your food..?!" Haha.


Today I just went to dance lessons as I do every 2nd sunday.
[took the picture during break]

I kinda like the back of the shirt I wore today.


Mate's Besitzerin said...

Oha, das sieht lecker aus :d

Donkuri said...

cute shirt!

Suzu's Blog said...

i like the micky shirt :D

pupsi said...

.. ich mag die oberteile beide sher. die rückseite des einen is halt echt hammer~

mhhhhhh jetz son pfannkuchn >3<
vieanna ist spitzenmäßig ! es gibt (seit kurzm) nicht tolleres.. hor hor.. du verstehst was ich meine baby ;D


Pomelo said...

Wow, dass erste Mal, dass ich jemanden auf blogger findet der bei mir aus der Nähe kommt. Heidelberger Herbst war klasse <3