K-ON = ♥ & Thinking about next Cosplay

I was just watching K-ON Season 2 Episode 23 & 24 and the story continues being sad (;____;)
I don't want this Anime to end...and I really hope that I'm still able to buy K-ON merchandise in Japan this December!! (ò____ó)

 As you may know Ritsu is my absolute favorite...♥

 But I'm thinking about doing a Yui Cosplay!
She's wearing black tights, so I wont have to show my legs xDDD
At first I thought I'm too tall to cosplay her...but well yeah...I don't mind (<____<)
Let's see if I'm really going to do this & wear it in public, haha~

Now another Cosplay I wanted to do for so long now:

Mutsumi!! (Keroro Gunsou)

 This guy is so great...♥
I'm just not sure about the outfit...the one above is amazing.

 But this one looks cool, too....!

 This jacket....♥

 Usual school uniform...

And this one...♥
This one & the first picture are my favorites by now...
What do you think? Tell me your favorite outfit of Mutsumi ♥


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Wow, that ritsu is sexy, but I don't imagine you would want to go to the cosplay in that same outfit, right? lol

You would look cute as Yui I think for the cosplay. It is fun to see photos of anime/manga conventions where people dress up as their favorite characters, so you will have to post the photos of you and your friends at that cosplay

pupsi said...

.. toll, nochmal. hurnblogger !



mutsumi is so süß ! du wirst beide cosn (also auch yui) egal was du sagst hahar

die jacke <3

Rui said...

im gonna check out K-ON now =0

you should do both cosplay it be pretty nice to see how they came out :3

Metal_Minish said...

Ah, love cosplay plans! X3
Sadly I haven't seen neither K-ON or Keroro, but they both look like fun characters with cool outfits~
As for Mutsumi... hmm... Well, I like that purple college jacket! ^-^

나니 said...

Natural makeup is the best <3 And the Nude on Nude is definitely a good buy for the money. I also wanna get my hands on the Bronze edition, but that'll have to wait for now. Haha! You can do a lot of things with this palette itself already, so I'll be good for the time being. I think you should definitely get it though : D