Cinema ♥

 Out of topic: Tolerance lies buried in Viernheim.

 Now going to tell you about last sunday ♥
As you may tell from the picture above I went to see Eclipse...

 There is always one question in my head when I'm sitting in a cinema to watch Twilight:
"What the fuck am I doing here..?"
Well...I've read the books and I kinda like the story.
Now it's a must to watch the Twilight movies in cinema with friends every year.
At least they are amusing...xD♥

 I didn't have enough money to buy a Toy Story set menu...
...but in the end I got one of those pretty cups ♥

 Next time I'm definitely going to watch Toy Story 3 & buy (at least) one of these figures (*___*)


mrs.withouthime said...

ich mag toy story 3, die war endslutig. xD ~

Evil said...

Und großer Neid wegen deinem Becher ;O;