Mother & Son ♥

 Ok..out of topic but I like this weird snapshot of my room xD

 You probably all now my cat Fumino, right? ♥
Hes the best cat in the world...but~

 We got a little guest for 2 weeks now.
Fumi's mother ♥
I'm absolutely in love with her pattern...especially her right ear.

 Fumi is acting a little bit jealous....& looking like a psycho, haha ♥

 But I can't resist...♥

At least I know that Fumi is the most cute cat in the world ♥ 
He doesn't have to be jealous at all ♥


Connys World said...

süß :) die mama hat sehr geile farben und dein kater ist echt knuffig ^^

PrincessRuki said...

Die Musterung von Fumismama erinnert mich an meine Maus. Und dein kater hat verdammt tolle Augen *__*

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

So cute. I love how cats look, but they are crazy. We have had our cat for fourteen or fifteen years now and it is still crazy, but you can't help love it. :-)

maria louié said...



pupsi said...

.. gott is die schön..