Today ♥

 Today I had a kind of job interview at 2 pm.
It's just a leasing company but I urgently need money and it's okay to work hard for a few months..right?
Well I signed the contract right there, got some work shoes from the company I'm working for now & will start to be a shift worker from tomorrow on. Wow, that was...kinda too fast.

I had 1 hour free time between the first conversation & to sign the contract so I killed some time in the city.

First I went to Saturn to check some reflex cameras.
Surprisingly Loona, a pretty popular musician, stood right in the middle of the shop.

 As you can see there weren't a lot of people.
Seems like she's at the end of her career...heh.

Right after Saturn I went to a fashion shop which is selling interesting clothes sometimes...
One corner was filled with very cute & colorful clothing and I got the new "Missing Johnny" catalogue.

At the end I went to Game Stop to take a look at some 2nd hand games.
I couldn't resist & bought Bayonetta ♥
Can't wait to try it ♥


Nedacat said...

Ja... Game Shop ist echt cool... wir schauen auch immer nach gebrauchten Spielen.

Shanna said...

haha sorry loona wie altr war ich als ich die gut fand..4 klasse oder so wie alt ist man da 10 !? gott ist die alt schon oo XD

Naka said...

i love the red dress and congrats on the job ^^

thank you for visitng me too :3

pupsi said...



pupsi said...

.. oh und wie geil die kleider aussehn !