A,eba - Peta ♥

Most of you may know Ameba, right?
Theres a function that allows you to leave behind a footstep ♥ so people can see that this certain person was at your page and even bothered to click a special button to let you know he/she was there ♥
This function is called "peta"

Well..enough of the explaining xD
I'm not really active at Ameba...basically I'm just using it to read Amember blog entrys which you can just read if you're a member of Ameba and a friend of the person who is posting this...

The reason for blogging this right now:

I didn't "peta" during the last months....but!
I got some "peta" from special people...♥
Shigure (ex uBuGoe) & Kazuaki (Men's Knuckle)
It may be just luck & I think they just gave a "peta" to everyone on their friends list or something like this..
but sometimes small things like this make my day ♥


Shanna said...

lol das du dich darüber so freust find ich ja goldig♥

pupsi said...

.. ich würd mich auch sehr freun ! gerade bei elfchen <3

mherzog said...

Check out this stupid video PETA made: htttp://meat.org