Mutsuminism Style ♥

Thought I should give it a try and share some of my coords... 
I'm not as stylish or "in" as some of my readers but hey...here we go xD 

I Harem Pants
They are too comfy, haha ♥
And a big to layered clothing, yay!
Wearing a dark gray H&M Top, white/see-through H&M Pullover (with cap ♥), black sleeveless H&M cardigan, black arm warmers, gray/black non-brand harem pants & gray/black Converse chucks ♥

These are my favorite shoes the tape might actually look real, but it's leather.
They were a special edition some years ago and I bought them almost exactly looking like this, haha ♥

 Right legs are mine, love those pants (H&M) and it's funny to combine them with leo pattern...haha

Friend wearing my pants ♥

 Also one of my favorites ♥ the leo pants I bought in Harajuku (*_____*)
This photo is kind of unflattering though...haha
[Cap says "BEAUTY HUNTER", haha.]

Recut my Maximum the Hormone Shirt & can you see the strap of my bra? It's amazing D:

[I rarely wear platform shoes because I'm too tall...( 176cm; 5"7)]

And last but not least:
...a dress. Very rare.
Maybe you guys remember one of my KERA entries...I said I wanted to try a certain look and duduun: here it is.

Please let me know what you think about these kind of entries I could try to take snaps of my outfits more often

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