Love to collect CD's and support my favorite Artists so I'm going to show you my recent MUSIC gets:

Small EDIT: Decided to upload the new Ladyant Black (Vocal: Men's Knuckle Model Kentaro) Single for you ♥ scroll down please

アンティック- 珈琲店 - 飴玉ロック
[An Cafe - amedama ROCK]
(2nd hand - CD released 2005)

「ヘタリア Axis Powers」キャラクターCD Vol.2 ドイツ
(got this @animate store in Akihabara - CD released 2009)

黒夢 - Drug Treatment
(2nd hand - CD released 1997)

ゴールデンボンバー - 女々しくて/眠たくて [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
 (CD released 2011(last month))
KAT-TUN - Live of Real Face DVD (click to buy)
(2nd hand - DVD released 2007)

Chariots - 亜種
(limited release - CD released 2011)

ladyant black - 「ClutcH」
[Do you remember...? This is the Men's Knuckle Band~ Vocal: Kentaro; Support Bass: Hiroshi]
(CD released 2011 (last month))
...nice mix, eh? Haha...~

Oh btw: Just let me know whether you're interested in the booklets ♥ I could scan them (...and the latest issues of Men's Knuckle Magazine, too)

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