Japan Day Düsseldorf, Germany ♥

Good evening ♥ 

I'm super tired but I NEED to blog today!!
[There's no time -time-time for sleeping-sleeping...~]

Last friday I went to Düsseldorf, Germanys well known 'Little-Tokyo'.
Once a year there's a "Japan Day" where the Japanese citizens show, celebrate and share their culture.
Of course it's a huge meeting point for Cosplayers as well.

There's an art exhibition in Bonn currently, "Anime! High Art - Pop Culture"
Would love to go and see!! ♥ 
Advertisement @Düsseldorf mainstation:

Been lucky enough to drive by car (of a friend, I don't own a car nor a driving license, haha) and had enough time to watch Haruko Momoi's Show Do you guys know her? She's a popular Anime voice actor and singer.
 Haruko Momoi

 Haruko Momoi Live

Take a look at the great view she had:

...food. And a guy with amazing shoes/pants/bag/bracelet. Haha~

Due to the recommendation of a friend we went to a Japanese restaurant, Okinii.
It's not as Japanese as I thought...but we had to use Ipad's to order...

 ...and drank BVLGARI water. Wtf.

Takoyaki @Okinii

Saturday is the main day of the festival...
Had Tunamayo Onigiri in the morning...forgot to take a photo though.

 Taiyaki filled with Ice Cream on Saturday

 Pretty nice weather

 Water tower & a whole bunch of People.

 Stylo photo of friends #1

Stylo photo of friends #2

 Stylo photo of friends #3 

Met a whole ton of people and enjoyed it a lot...

One of the highlights of the festival is the fireworks at night...forgot to take a photo but I'll google one for you...haha
My first Japanese fireworks and I have to admit...it was amazing. There were hearts, flowers, clovers and a whole lot of wonderful rainbow colored rockets

Went to bed around 2 am and went straight to Frankfurt on Sunday~
Planned to visit the book fair but unfortunately we didn't make it in time and went to stroll around instead.

...found a super cute café: Iroha.
It's a french patisserie with Japanese snacks & tea.
Loooved the decoration but my mobile cam sucks ass. Sorry.

 Had Matcha Tea with cream & Green Tea Ice Cream ♥ YUM

Cafe Iroha Advertisements~
[seems like they're half Karaoke bar as well...interesting, haha]

Oh, last but not least:
Purikura we took in Düsseldorf @Saturday.
 YUM, LEAVES!! [& Happy Birthday to Hans ]

Came back home last evening, went to university this morning and now I'm a zombie...good night.

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