Mutsessions: 11/1/7 ICe0AGe PRESENTS【Let's freeze everything Vol.1~ お年玉ワンコインライブ ~】; Ikebukuro Cyber [Tokyo]

Good evening everyone
How are you doing?
I hope everything's okay so far~

University started and I'm in a super weird mood.
Can't tell why...I rarely know the reasons myself.
But I'm pretty sure that my mood is going to lighten up very soon..

Let me share a great memory with you today
Some of you may know the japanese men's fashion Magazine "Men's Knuckle", right?
One of their models, Kentaro, started a band: Ladyant Black
Hiroshi, another Men's Knuckle model, supported him with his bass and there's an established guitarist, too.
To cut a long story short:
I'm a Mens Knuckle fan, I'm a huge music addict. Ladyant Black were playing at a festival during my time in Tokyo.
Now guess what I did. Yes, went to see them .

Some details about the concert:


Line Up:


& some session bands:



Gu.冬摩(Ladyant black)

Dr.USHI (Atomic Seven)


Gt.ソラ(ex.Not badY)

Ba.Rurei(Grace Ash.サポート)

People who are interested in Japanese Rock music may know 'Ikebukuro Cyber'. Almost all of the Japanese Rock Stars started their career at Ikebukuro Cyber, haha. It's an extremely small venue...you'll even have to share a toilet with the artists. Idk how small their backstage room is, but...you'll have to share the smoking area (a small round table) with them as well.
Didn't know much about the venue and their regulations...so we entered the venue as we did at RED ZONE before and went to ask a staff girl...surprisingly she was talking fluent english. Wow. Thanks to that girl we knew where to wait and got our tickets without serious problems.

I need to talk about the fans first...
There was another foreign girl...but I guess she was living in Japan as she went to the concert surrounded by Japanese girls and a probably gay guy. They were standing at the first row for almost the whole time, not bad.
Another eye-catcher was a very  gal looking girl...she was probably 14 and was looking like...a prostitute, sorry.
Some of the older girls had very young children with them..they were sitting down at the bottom of the venue. I don't get them at all...please let your babys stay at home. Rock concerts are not the best area for them. Not even if those babys are made with the artists on stage.

Now onto the better part:
The show
I've seen quite some weird bands at the festival at RED ZONE one day before, but....the festival at Ikebukuro Cyber beat it. Completely.

I remember this one session band who was covering An Cafe...Duck no Magical Adventure...Oh holy...I don't know why a band would choose to cover this song, but...it was....hilarious. I've been the better singer, I swear. Traumfrau (the friend who was with me ) prayed to god for this band to finish their part of the show soon.

One of the nice surprises were 8mm. A rather american band with not visual looking guys one of them came to hand out their flyers and told us that he has a German friend in Tokyo unfortunately his English skills died soon and our Japanese skills were practically not existing.

Another nice surprise:

We were calling Sora, their vocal, "Unsicher-chan". Which is similiar to "Insecure-chan" in English. Haha~
He was extremely irritated because of us...I'm sorry Sora haha. Foreign girls seem to be very rar at concerts like that...nonetheless he succesfully sang some songs of Gazette and satisfied us with his skills (even though none of us liked Gazette)

This is Sora btw:

Aaaand the reason for attending:
Ladyant Black

Well this is how it looks if a rather Gyaruo looking model tries to look Visual Kei, haha.
[Kentaro is the guy on the right]
His voice is...surprisingly amazing. He covered a few songs of VAMPS and his voice is pretty similiar to Hyde's with a slight portion of Kiyoharu LIKE

Another highlight....

[Artwork by Traumfrau ♥]
We were calling him "Anpirsch-chan", "Stalking-chan"/"Still-hunting-chan" in English.
[wtf why is it so hard to translate the verb "anpirschen"...]
He was basically...standing right next to us. The whole time. And..he was not just close...he was...touching us with his shoulder etc. He obviously tried to get in contact with us. Stupid guy didn't get to talk to us first, so...he was trying to catch our attention by smoking right into our faces and so on. One step back and we would have lied on the ground, both.
It started to become awkward and we decided to talk to him. Well, Traumfrau did. I've been to shy.
You could tell that she made him super happy as we decided to gift him some German chocolate.
Unfortunately Japanese fans didn't like the attention we received and started to surround him.
Bye Bye Keira! Haha~


Signed Kentaro & Hiroshi polaroids ♥♥♥♥ triple-yay!!!

And appropriate Purikura:

....dorky mc dork.

Good Night.

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pupsi said...

..ich ärgere mich noch immer nich aufs konzert gegangen zu sein.. ich mag deinen bericht darüber.sehr lustig zu lesen. vor allem die stelle über die groupie was aus auch immer-ischen mit. ihren welpen.