KERA 11/11 ♥ Sharing my favorites [& some Re:NO Sexyness]

 Cover it's Akira!
Guess all of her fans own this issue haha
I like that the colors are kind of Halloween like~

Monthly Miku Spam:

 ...what the hell did they do to you Darling?
Don't like this months shoot...~

Now onto my fav coords:

 Re:NO's complete outfit is stunning ♥♥ they tend to dress her in a kind of weird style...but this one is amazing

 Idk why but Akira is the one who's wearing my favorite outfits all the time. I guess it just fits her hair and attitude...I especially love the left outfit...I really need to add more color to my closet.

 Idk the name of this girl...but she starts to grab my attention. I shall look for her blog...~
Oh and I NEED the pullover on the left!!! Available in red & white, I would choose the white one

This motnhs KERA issue surprised me...they actually offered expedient Make Up Tutorials.

 Would love to try this one day~ I would just use different colors~

..this is a kind of look I tried to master for years. Idk why but it's just not made for me. Even though I love it...

All of you know those crazy weight-loss ads in Japanese Fashion Magazines, right? They finally achieved to get printed @KERA too and this girl shocked me....:

...are you f*cking kidding me?
35,8kg? A beauty goal? 
Just look at that (probably photoshopped) girl...no one wants to look like that.

*sigh*....now onto a better topic for the rest of this entry:


People who know my KERA posts should be familiar with my love for this girl.
Nonetheless you guys only know her KERA shoots, right?

I would like to share some photos I found at her blog with you

 She's the blonde girl just look at her....

 And this one...is just....sexy.

Less Make Up & bleaching her dead hair

For me Re:NO beats Akira in every aspect, haha

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