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Oh my...looking trough the photos I took during the last months I realize that I totally lack personal posts..

Well, I chose some of the photos I took with my mobile to show you how I spent my free time during the last weeks:

One of my friends celebrated her birthday that night ♥
The temperature in Germany finally rose again and we can start to enjoy our time at the outside, yeah~!

Dobby presenting Harry Potter DVD's in a store ♥

Went to eat sushi with old classmates

....and ran right into a demonstration, haha.

Some weeks ago I noticed that there is a kind of 'public bookshelf' in Heidelberg.
You can store books you don't need anymore and/or take some books with you in exchange.

It's amazing how many interesting books you can find there...and I even spotted a Manga, haha.
It's 'Vampire Knight'.

..and a lot of international books of course.
[I Heidelberg]

This is what my hair was looking like some weeks ago...went to the hairstylist to color the blonde parts somewhat ash brown at the beginning of May though.

As you may know I had another internship for 6 weeks during March/April, above you can see a Latte Macchiato a co-worker prepared for me
Usually I'm not into coffee drinks, but I'll drink it if people afford to make them for me.
...wonderful shot at my fav bar / café / whatever

Some days after I went to the hairstylist, see the color?
It was still dark back then...

Celebrating a birthday again
This time it was Tung's turn~

Can you imagine me wearing such shoes? 
I ordered them for Sashi and Maxi just had to slip in, haha~

Boobs erm I mean Ice Chocolate!!

aah...who's tired?

The public bookshelf in Heidelberg again this time I stored one of the books I don't need anymore
...and found quite interesting super old books in exchange:

Book about wonders and catastrophes from around 1930, written in old German.
Strange to read about an earthquake catastrophe in Japan in 1923...guess you could just copy these pages and change the date from 1923 to 2011.

Paul Ernst - Pantalon und seine Söhne (1936)
Mit Goethe durch das Jahr (1965)
R.L. Stevenson - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
"Der gewöhnliche Homosexuelle" ( a sociological analysis of homosexual men in Germany) (1974)

...more updates coming soon
Have a nice weekend everyone~!!
 ( ´艸`)

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