2010/12/ 31 - Over the edge '10

Hi there ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

As you may know I'm a person who enjoys live music a lot...therefore you can find a lot of concert posts here...but...I want a name for my concert posts!!! Like...right now!! And I can't think of anything creative...
Any suggestions? please let me know and help me to find a name for my concert series

Well, this time it's about Over the edge '10.
It's a 2 day festival, but I only got a ticket for the 2nd day
[1 day 10,000 yen...not bad, eh?]
Fortunately I could convince my friends to buy a ticket, too...or else I would have spent New Years Eve alone, haha.

The festival started around 2 pm and ended around...1 or 2 am.
Yes, 11-12 hours.


the bullet
Daizy Stripper
DOG in the PWO
Golden Bomber
Matenrou Opera

Session band with Yukiya (Kain)
Session with NERO (MERRY)
Session with Hazuki (lynch.)
Session with Mao & Mizuki (Sadie)
Session with Tatsuro (MUCC)
Session with YUKI (Mix Speaker’s Inc.)
Session with Satoshi & Nii (Girugamesh)

Session example:

Session with Yoshihiko (heidi.)
  • Vocal: Yoshihiko (heidi.)
  • Guitar: Jill (SOPHIA)
  • Guitar: Yusuke (lynch.)
  • Bass: Kohsuke (heidi.)
  • Drum: O-Jiro (Penicillin)
...and more

C.C. Lemon Hall - Outside

C.C. Lemon Hall - Inside showing off two cute mobile charms we got from an UFO Catcher
[Push their belly and their cheeks will glow ♥]

During the show ...

...and a photo of myself at the C.C. Lemon Hall bathroom 
I kinda liked my hair (°∀°)b 

[see the neon green band around my wrist? It's an 'Over the edge '10' band, yeah xD ]

Some of you may know that I'm a fan of Teruki & Tatsurou...so I enjoyed celebrating New Years Eve with them a lot both entered the stage many times and especially Tatsurou was like...the main spot of the evening/night, haha

Spending half a day in C.C. Lemon Hall I began to love this venue a lot they offered a quite wide range of food & drinks....the only bad thing was, that you had to run out of the hall right after your fav band played to get merchandise...ugh. Tried to get some DOG in the PWO polaroids for friends but they sold out RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!

Though I got some quite amazing goods of MUCC & AWOI

♥ SIXINC lucky rabbit gloves
♥ MUCC calendar 2011
[got it signed in January, right now a signed drawing by Tatsurou is right next to my pc]
♥ AWOI pleks 

...and a ton of flyers.

Oh and...I forgot to upload Purikura to the JACK IN THE BOX entry!!

Here you go:

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