Gal x Visual Kei

Sometimes I still take a look trough visual kei magazines, especially if they feature one of my fav artists.

This time I flicked trough CURE magazine 11/06

One of the first pages featured a 'Pray for Japan from Cure oversea readers!!' section.
Of course I took a close look whether to detect some friends and...

...I didn't detect friends, I detected 2 photos I took with my very own camera.
One of them even showing myself.

One of the girls that participated in the event back that day seems to have sent our photos to Cure magazine...haha.
I mean...it was a nice surprise, but...she could have at least asked, right?

Now back to the main topic of this post:


Take a look at this photo, despite the outfit everything looks gal.
At least for me.

There are even whole bands who are into the 'Gal' look:

Men Vlossom for example.
And it's still Visual Kei, isn't it?

I'm not a gal myself but I know a lot of them and most of my readers are into Gal stuff as well.
Now onto some questions to my gal readers out there...
What do you think of Visual Kei?
I know some gals are ex-visual kei fans and they seem to...regret this chapter of their life.
What's wrong with it?
I've been to 5 concerts (mostly Visual Kei) in Japan and I can tell you...you DO see gals at that kind of events. I don't think Gals have to listen to a certain music genre...they seem to listen to everything and nothing, at least in Japan. Especially 'Western Gals' seem to avoid J-Rock / Visual Kei to the core...

Same with Anime / Manga / Cosplay...
...do 'Gals' feel too 'grown up' for that kind of stuff?

PS: I don't want to offend anybody out there, I'm just curious and am looking forward to your opinions.

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Ephemeral by Design said...

That is awesome that your pictures aneven you appeared in that magazine!

I think it is fun to dress up az you plase as long as it is fun for you. But after a while you taste change, so thats probably what's happening with the gals. And even when you get older and work in a company or whatever, most of the time you have no choice but to dress a certain way but even then after work or weekends you can enjoy looking however you like. :-)